Website design and Structure

The idea of creating a website for our business started few months ago as we were expanding our range of products and we were also planning to extend our market to other countries. Since tractor spare parts has been a really tough market, as it is very difficult to find specific parts, we took the opportunity to extend further and use our website as extra tool to our success.
First of all, we are hosting our website with SiteGround! Of course it is a hosting provider we highly recommend since it provides excellent 24/7 support. Since we moved our website to the specific hosting, our website is now more stable and faster which means that it is more friendly to visitors.

Below we will briefly describe the different functionalities of our website:

1) Xing Theme

One of the important parts of a website is the design part. In our situation, we were searching for a website which will be trusted and with variety of themes to chose from. Finally we decided to use Envato Market, and more specifically Themeforest, which is a trusted theme market which are developed from experienced developers.
The theme we have chosen had to be suitable for the amount of products we have got and have specific functionalities which will make the website look better. Xing theme has been developed by Saurabh Sharma who is an Elite Author with many awards in Envato Market. The specific developer has got many years of experience and you can understand this because of the other themes he developed.

2) Wooccommerce

One of the most important plugins, if not the most important, which allows you to set up your store within minutes. It is compatible with many themes and it is easy to use and understand.

3) MailChimp

To keep our customers informed with all the new products we have and for any possible offers, we are using MailChimp which allow us to sent Newsletters to our customers. Of course we give the ability to visitors to subscribe and unsubscribe to the newsletter whenever they want.

4) Force Regenerate Thumbnails

To improve how fast the pictures will load and generally for the optimization of the pictures we are using Force Regenerate Thumbnails which can automatically optimize your pictures. Using this plugin we improved the page load time of our website.