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OEM 6A320-59930R Original Fuel Filter B2530

OEM 6A320-59930R Original Fuel Filter B2530

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Suitable for Kubota Tractor Models: B1410, B1610, B1620, B1710, B1820, B1830 DT, B2110 DT, B2261, B2230, B2410, B2420, B2530D, B2650, B2710, B3030, L3200DT, GB13, GB14, GB15, GB16, GB18, GB20, GB110, GB115, GB130, GB135, GB140, GB145, GB150, GB155, GB160, GB170, GB175, GB180, GB200


OEM 6A320-59930R Original Fuel Filter B2530

Suitable for Kubota Tractor Models Kubota B1410, B1610, B1710, B1830, B2110,B2230, B2410, B2530, B2710, B3030, L3200, RTV900, B1220, B1620, B1820,B2402, B2420

General: The Kubota fuel filter,Original weights 0.100 KG and it is compatible with many Kubota tractors. The main functionality of the specific filter is to clean the fuel which goes to fuel pump.

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Weight0.100 kg
Dimensions :

Kubota Original Height 54mm Outer diameter (1) 35mm Outer diameter (2) 46mm