OEM 15221-22310 Rod Bearing STD L1500, L2000, L175, B7000, L1801, L1501

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General: The Kubota Rod Bearing STD with part number 15221-22310, weights 0.100 KG and it is compatible with Kubota L1500, L2000, L175, B7000 tractor models. The main functionality of the rod bearing is that they fit on the connecting rod assy which fits on crankshaft.
Inner diameter 45, Width 19mm

Cause of Fault: Sometimes the cause of the fault is when the engine is has not got oil and is overheated. You can understand that when the parts have got red color because they are overheated and sometimes they have stripes.

For more information about the specific part, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you.

Additional information

Weight0.100 kg
For Tractor Models

Kubota L1500, L1501, L175, L1801, L1802, L185, L2000, L2002, L2050, L2201, L225, L2250, L235, L2350, L2402, L245, L2500, L2550, L2650, L275, L285, L2850, L2900, L295, L2950, L3001, L305, L3202, L3250, L3300, L345, L3450, L35, L3600, L3650, L4200, L4202, L4350, L4850, L5450 B7000

For Engine Models

Z650, Z850, Z750, D1100, D1101, D1102 , V1500,V1501,V1502, Z851,D1402 , D1302 , DH1101 , D1301 , V1702 , V1902
Inner diameter 45, Width 19mm


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