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OEM 16060-21110 Piston STD 78mm D1105, D1305, V1505

OEM 16060-21110 Piston STD 78mm D1105, D1305, V1505

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Suitable for Kubota Tractor Models: B2400DT, B2410, B2530D, B26, B2620, ASTE A-19, ASTE A-195, GB20, GB200, GT-5, GT-8


OEM 16060-21110 Piston STD 78mm

Suitable for Kubota Engine Models D1105, D1305, V1505

General: The Kubota Piston STD 78mm, weights 0.600 KG and it is compatible with Kubota D1105 engine. The main functionality of the piston STD is to create the pressure inside the cylinder so that it can end up creating ignition.

1. high 2,mm
2. high 1,5mm
3. Oil ring 4, mm

Cause of Fault: Sometimes the cause of the fault is when piston rings do not have enough oil in the engine which means that piston rings will overheat and break the piston. To avoid the specific issue, you will need to make sure that there is enough oil in the engine and also change it in regular base.

Additional Information

Weight0.600 kg
For Engine Models

Kubota D1105 , D1305 V1505

For Tractor Models

B2400HST-D , B2400HST-E , B2410HSD , B2410HSDB , B2410HSE , B26 , B2630HSD , B2620HSD , B7610HSD F2400 , F2560E , 2880 , F2880E , F2680E , FZ2400 , U25S , KX41-2S , KX41-2 , KX61-2 , KX61-2S , KX41H RTV1100 , RTV1100CW9 , RTV1140CPX , RTV1100RW9 , ZD28, GB20, GB200