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OEM 17311-22981 Con Rod Bearing 0.40mm D1703, V2203, V1903, D1403,D1503, D1463

OEM 17311-22981 Con Rod Bearing 0.40mm D1703, V2203, V1903, D1403,D1503, D1463

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Suitable for Kubota Tractor Models: L1-18, L1-20, L1-22, L1-24, L1-26, L1-28, L1-185, L1-195, L1-205, L1-215, L1-225, L1-235, L1-245, L1-255, L1-265, L1-275, L1-285, L1-295, L1-305, L1-315, L1-325, L2050, L2250, L2500, L2550, L2600, L2850DT, L2900DT, L3130DT, L3300DT, L3430, L3600DT, L4200DT, GL19, GL21, GL23, GL25, GL26, GL27, GL29, GL32, GL33, GL200, GL201, GL220, GL221, GL240, GL241, GL260, GL261, GL300, GL268, GL277, GL280, GL281, GL301, GL320, GL321, GL337, GL338, GT-19, GT-21, GT-23


OEM 17311-22981 Con Rod Bearing 0.40mm D1703, D1803, V2203, V1903, D1403,D1503, D1463

Suitable for Kubota Engine Models D1703, V2203, V1903, D1403,D1503, V1500, D1463

General: The Kubota Con Rod Bearing 0,40 with part number 17311-22981, weights 0.70 KG and it is compatible with
Kubota D1463 ,D1703, V2203,V1903,D1503,D1503-M-E3B, D1703-M, V2203-M-E2B, V2403 engine. The main functionality of the con rod bearing is that they fit on the connecting rod assy which fits on crankshaft.

Additional Information

Weight0.70 kg
For Engine Models

kubota D1463 ,D1703, V2203,V1903,D1503, D1403,,D1503-M-E3B, D1703-M, V2203-M-E2B, V2403

For Tractor Models

Kubota KH28 & KH60 & KH66 & KH70 & KH91 & KH101 & KH151 & KH191 & KX91 & KX101 & KX121 & KX151 & KX161 & L2050 & L2250 & L2500 & L2550 & L2850 & L2900 & L3000 & L3130 & L3250 & L3300 & L3430 & L3600 & L3750 & L4200 & L4150, GL19, GL21, GL200, GL201, GL23, GL25, GL220, GL221, GL240, GL241, LI-22, L1-24, L1-235, -L1-245, L1-255, L1-275


47,60 , Width 21